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Try out investing in Quanloop and get €5 sign-up bonus

Test how much you can earn.
We will pay you at a far better rate than any bank has to offer.

What could be your investment budget?
Our current average interest rate since one month ago is 14.79%.
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How it works

  1. Sign up for Quanloop
    First, register and verify your free account. The operation is quite simple, just type in your e-mail address, check your mailbox and click on the magic link inside. Log in and add some information about yourself (pre-qualification is done automatically).
  2. Add your company (skip if not necessary)
    If you wish to operate on behalf of your company, adding one is very simple. Just send us an e-mail with your company name and fresh registry printout. We’ll add your company to your Quanloop account and send a confirmation shortly.
  3. Add some money to start investing
    To withdraw your bonus, first add your IBAN account by transferring some money from your bank account to Quanloop clients’ account. The minimum investment amount is €1, but why not send more…
  4. Sign-up bonus conditions
    We don’t set any complicated terms to obtain a great sign-up bonus. All you need is: (1) Open a new account, (2) Verify yourself by adding true information and scanning the front and the backside of your identity document, (3) Verify your IBAN account by transferring some amount in euro to Quanloop clients’ account. That’s it – just do it and we will add €5 to your investment budget. Of course, you can withdraw at any time.

Referred Sign-Up Reward Terms

Acceptance of terms: By signing-up on Quanloop from the Referral Link, you agree to be bound by this Quanloop referral program sign-up reward terms (“Referred Sign-Up Reward Terms”), the General Terms & Conditions of Quanloop and the Quanloop Privacy Notice. In the event of a conflict between these Referred Sign-Up Reward Terms and the General Terms & Conditions of Quanloop, these Referred Sign-Up Reward Terms will control. Quanloop may update Referred Sign-Up Reward Terms at any time without notice to you.

Referrer: (maybe also called a member or advocate) is a registered and verified person who recommends Quanloop to others through this referral program.

Referee: anyone who was referred to Quanloop by another person, regardless of whether they’ve invested or not.

Referred Investor and/or Referral: someone who was referred to Quanloop by someone else, who ultimately became Quanloop investor (invested or topped up money to Quanloop clients' account) as a result of the referral.

Referral Link: a referral link is a unique link assigned to a referrer after they sign up for a referral program, designed for the referrer to easily share with the others. A referral link tracks the origin of each referral and creates a connection between a Referee and a Referrer.

Incentive: the rewards that this referral program offers, meant to motivate Quanloop investors and convince them to participate in Quanloop referral program. These Referred Sign-Up Reward Terms apply one-sided incentive that Referal, giving investor motivation to make a trial investment in Quanloop (Sign-up bonus).

Sign-up bonus: is a reward being paid once to an investor that will sign up, then will verify itself by adding personal information and a copy of the identity document, then will top-up their account in euro for any amount more than zero.

Sign-up bonus amount: is (five euro) 5€. This amount is net of income tax.

Reporting and paying income tax: the Sign-up bonus is considered a present and an income tax should be reported and paid in Estonia. Quanloop will report and pay income tax on top of the Sign-up bonus amount according to the tax payment reporting and payment requirements set forth by the Estonian law.

Sign-up bonus withdrawal: a Referral may withdraw its Sign-up bonus at any time to its IBAN account.

Exclusions: (a) Quanloop will reward newly signed-up private investors by paying them a one-time Sign-up bonus. This reward is meant for private individuals and won't be paid to companies registered as separate investors in parallel. (b) Quanloop won't reward newly signed-up investors without a Referrer. Neither those newly signed-up Referees will be connected with any Referrers. If by any mistake, a link between a Referrer and its Referral wasn't created but had to be, the Referrer should report this case to Quanloop support. (c) Quanloop won't reward any investors who have got their accounts prior to this Referral Program or without a Referrer. Such investors may benefit from different rewarding programs.

Creation of multiple accounts: is forbidden. Signing up repeatedly won't be rewarded; all the different account of the same person will be linked together or removed during the verification. The exception may be made for natural persons who wish to add more than one company and therefore need an extra account; such repeated natural investors won't be rewarded again once they have received their Sign-up bonus.

Terminated accounts: if you, during the following 12 months upon receiving your Sign-up Fee, do any of the following (a-b), you must return the Fee in full to Quanloop. This clause applies where you: (a) terminate your account in Quanloop and ask to delete your data; (b) revoke the right of Quanloop to borrow money from you according to the General Terms and Conditions and the draft Loan Agreement.

Liability: To the fullest extent permitted by law, Quanloop shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever suffered by you in respect of the subject matter of these Terms (including but not limited to any direct, indirect, consequential, special, punitive or incidental loss or damages) and Quanloop’s liability to you will in all circumstances be limited to the value of the Cashback. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in these Terms is intended to modify or negate an investor’s rights under the Law of the Republic of Estonia.