About Quanloop
Bridging Visions with Capital

At Quanloop, we facilitate the European business sphere by aligning diverse investment opportunities with end customers pursuing financial resources using our expertise and innovative connections. We aim to create a balanced financial environment that promotes growth for all involved parties, from investors to end customers.

A New Dawn in Investment

Established in 2019 in Estonia by seasoned fund manager and financial engineer Valentin Ivanov and software architect Rene Rattur, Quanloop has flourished as a reputable entity within the alternative investment fund sector, backed by Virtue Ventures fund and a broad array of European investors.

As a symbol of modern fintech, we proudly host a suite of investment funds. Our expertise lies in the strategic allocation to debt and equity projects, diligently selecting our end customers from a diverse group of professional financial entities ranging from leasing and factoring companies to the more intricate European alternative finance projects.

Harnessing the Power of Diversity

Every investor is unique, with distinct financial goals and risk appetites. Recognising this, we‘ve designed a diversified investment portfolio spanning three risk tiers: low, medium, and high. This structured approach optimises returns, ensuring investments resonate with investors‘ aspirations while prudently managing risks.

Moreover, our investment focus is broad yet discerning to propel our mission further. Primarily zeroing in on direct debt, mezzanine, and convertible loans within the EU/EEA domain, we transact exclusively in the euro currency. It safeguards against concentration risk, enhancing the possibility of returns.

Distinct Features Setting Us Apart

  • Dynamic Liquidity

    Offering an edge seldom seen in the investment arena, we empower our partners with strategic liquidity. Here, investors, donning the hat of Limited Partners, can lend to the funds they partake in for a mere 24 hours, reclaiming their principal within the subsequent 24 hours.

  • Transparent Operations

    With the Quanloop Application at the helm, real-time insights into investments become accessible. From daily digests to periodic reviews, transparency remains our watchword.

  • Affordability Meets Excellence

    Paving the way for both seasoned investors and those new to our offerings, we‘ve set the minimum investment threshold at a single euro. This gesture ensures that investing remains inclusive yet uncompromised in quality.

  • Adherence to Regulation

    Our operation is not merely about meeting standards but transcending them. We pride ourselves on our stringent adherence to EU and Estonian investment guidelines, reinforcing our commitment to protect investor interests.

Valentin Ivanov

The Pillars of Quanloop

Under the leadership of Valentin Ivanov, a distinguished fintech expert with a notable track record, Quanloop thrives. His proficiency covers an extensive range from payment processing to investing in diverse debt instruments. Supported by an impressive team of over 23 professionals, Valentin‘s vision ensures Quanloop maintains its status as a model of integrity, transparency, and professionalism within the finance industry.

QuanloopValentin Ivanov

An Investment Process Refined to Perfection

  1. Operational Mastery

    Melding best-in-class technology with rigorous compliance checks, Quanloop ensures fluid fund operations. Be it potential human error or unforeseen glitches, our proactive approach mitigates risks.

  2. Diligent Valuations

    Every valuation under our purview undergoes standardised, third-party-audited procedures, giving investors absolute clarity on their holdings‘ value.

  3. Commitment to Investors

    We remain steadfast in our promise to ensure that investors are well-informed. From workshops and webinars to resources that demystify investment nuances, Quanloop stands as a beacon of knowledge-sharing.

  4. Vigilant Due Diligence

    All potential investment opportunities are subject to rigorous scrutiny, ensuring that only the most promising ventures find a place in our portfolio.

Quanloop's TraditionBeyond Financials

Our commitment extends beyond mere financials. The ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles are at the heart of our operations. Every fund we direct is meticulously evaluated for sustainability and ethical practices. For a more detailed insight into our dedication towards responsible investing, feel free to explore our Responsible Investing page.

Embracing the Future with Confidence

Today, with a portfolio exceeding 16 million euros and a burgeoning community of over 110 000 investors, Quanloop stands tall. As we continue to bridge aspirations with opportunities, our journey is not just about financial growth but also about fostering a community, nurturing trust, and scripting countless success stories.

For those interested in delving deeper into the nuances of our partnership and funds, we invite you to visit our Partnership page. With every investment, we're pooling funds, dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Join us as we continue our journey, redefining the landscape of alternative investments.

Disclaimer: Some text on this website is purely for marketing communication. Nothing published by Quanloop constitutes an investment recommendation, nor should any data or content published by Quanloop be relied upon for any investment activities. Quanloop strongly recommends that you perform your own independent research or speak with a qualified investment professional before making any financial decision.