TOTAL CAPITAL €16,472,936
PORTFOLIO €15,360,375
CAPITAL IN NEED €17,672,975
AVERAGE RATE 13.6% p.a.

About Quanloop

Quanloop is a financial business group dedicated to wholesale funding. We attract capital from investors like you and act as the primary source of funding for our commercial finance intermediary partners, such as leasing or factoring companies, crowdfunding platforms, etc.

About Quanloop

Quanloop is structured as a marketplace platform and an alternative investment fund, both registered and operating in Estonia.

We borrow €1 from you for 24h, pool it with other investors' money and lend it to our partners. We repay you the debt at midnight in your platform account. From then on, you are either free to stay and continue investing or withdraw if you wish.

How does money sourcing work?

We apply a unique business model by sourcing money for only 24 hours and splitting the capital in need into a myriad of tiny loan agreements, each valued at €1.

Every day, our partners source capital from Quanloop by introducing projects (loans, assets, etc.) they wish to finance. Following a strict filtering programme, we accept the projects for wholesale funding and prepare to pool funds from our investors.

Quanloop uses the projects it finances as security for the money it borrows from you and other investors. To avoid complicated legal frameworks for collateral management, the fund promises its whole capital to investors through the platform, ensuring that every single Euro you contribute is protected by a large portfolio managed by us.

Put simply, you create an account on the website and set up your portfolio, choosing the most appropriate risk level and the corresponding interest rate and make an offer to invest. Every midnight, your money offering is tested against the capital demand and invested for 24 hours.

Each time money is used to finance a project, we add an underwriting reserve of our own money. That adds an extra liquidity layer to avoid you being unable to exit the next day. Although it should be impossible, in case we lack liquid funds to refinance your Euro, you earn an extra 2% for staying longer.

Quanloop is a great alternative to a piggy bank deposit, being able to add over 15% annual profit to your money.

Money sourcing in more details

About Quanloop
QUANLOOP OÜ manages money sourcing via this platform. The sole borrower on the platform is Quanloop Usaldusfond.

The demand for capital is based on the availability of projects offered by the partners. The maximum credit period for partner funding is from 1 calendar day up to 48 months. We call it the 'long money'.

Quanloop marketplace platform onboards investors willing to lend to the fund, while the fund accepts or denies the offerings on the platform.

Quanloop Usaldusfond pledges all its assets to the QUANLOOP OÜ and its investors. The fund refinances its long-term capital with short-term capital, so-called 'short money'.

The concept of the capital management

Quanloop Usaldusfond lends money to businesses all over the EU. Partner funding is decided based on the risk plan set by the investor. Thus, a riskier project may not be funded from the money pooled from a lower risk plan.

After the partner has repaid their debt to the fund, the money gets transferred to the platform account and repaid to investors. During the debt term, the short money on the investor account is kept with the long money on the debt account of Quanloop Usaldusfond.

The Quanloop ownership structure

Quanloop business group belongs to two Estonian entrepreneurs Mr Valentin Ivanov (75%) and Mr Rene Rattur (25%).

Quanloop business group was founded in 2019 and backed by two Estonian entrepreneurs Mr Valentin Ivanov (75%) and Mr Rene Rattur (25%). The group consists of the management company Quanloop Group OÜ (registered in Estonia with business no. 14931914), the alternative investment fund and the key borrower Quanloop Usaldusfond (registered in Estonia with business no. 14496178), and the marketplace platform owner and administration company QUANLOOP OÜ (registered in Estonia with business no. 16200698).

The fund activity is managed by Valentin Ivanov and the OSAÜHING QFM , a company registered as a limited partnership fund manager with the Financial Supervision Authority of the Republic of Estonia.

Disclaimer: Some text on this website is purely for marketing communication. Nothing published by Quanloop constitutes an investment recommendation, nor should any data or content published by Quanloop be relied upon for any investment activities. Quanloop strongly recommends that you perform your own independent research and/or speak with a qualified investment professional before making any financial decision.