We run a suite of investment funds offering reliable and accessible liquidity. Our funds borrow money from its limited partners for 24 hours to finance long-term debt and equity projects.

Unlocking Short-Term Potential Responsibly

Disclaimer: Quanloop operates a suite of investment funds proudly serving a community of over 100 000 investing partners from the EU/EEA. Approval as a partner is not guaranteed for all applicants. We do not publicly propose investments nor provide financial advice. Before applying, we suggest prospective partners seek consultation with a financial specialist. Please note all investments carry inherent risks.

How It Works

  1. Quanloop operates as a suite of investment funds, focusing on allocating capital to both debt and equity projects, strictly focusing on European businesses. Acting as a capital wholesaler, Quanloop meticulously selects its end customers from a pool of professional financial entities, including leasing and factoring companies, while also placing considerable emphasis on European alternative finance projects.
  2. These funds pool capital and invest according to a specific investment strategy, which guides the allocation and management of the assets within the fund. Our end customers, comprising various financial businesses, benefit from the funds‘ robust investment strategies, while our partners – the investors in the funds – have the opportunity to invest according to Quanloop’s developed diversification scheme.
  3. Quanloop offers a diversified investment approach with three risk plans: low, medium, and high. This allows our partners to align their investments with their risk tolerance and financial objectives, ensuring a tailored investment experience. The structured approach aims to optimise returns while managing risks, providing a balanced and well-considered investment opportunity for our partners.
  4. In summary, Quanloop stands as a pivotal connection between end customers seeking financial resources and partners looking for diversified investment opportunities. Through a thoughtful investment strategy and a focus on European business projects, Quanloop creates a harmonious balance of supply and demand in the financial landscape, fostering growth and development for all involved parties.

Quanloop Diversification Model
Navigating Investment

At Quanloop, the diversification model exemplifies a modern fintech solution, aiming to harmonise risk and opportunity. It allows our investing partners to thoughtfully allocate resources across varied risk plans, aligning with individual risk tolerance and financial aspirations. This approach is not merely about diversifying; it’s about pioneering a novel way for funds to navigate the investment landscape.

Low-Risk Plan

The Low-Risk Plan stands as a bastion of security within Quanloop’s diversified offerings. It is designed for investing partners seeking a stable avenue, as it emphasises assets with substantial collateral exceeding the loan principal, thus mitigating risk effectively. Notably, investing partners have the flexibility to allocate their entire capital to this plan, should they prefer a more conservative investment approach.

Medium-Risk Plan

Positioned as a balanced option, the Medium-Risk Plan offers a blend of potential growth and security. It features a diversified list of collateral with a moderate Loan-to-Value (LTV), appealing to those seeking harmony between risk and return. Investing partners can allocate up to half of their total funds in this plan, provided that at least an equal amount is invested in the Low-Risk Plan, maintaining a balanced portfolio.

High-Risk Plan

For investing partners willing to explore elevated levels of risk for potentially higher returns, the High-Risk Plan is available. This plan may involve higher LTVs or, in certain instances, lack collateral altogether. It is essential for partners to consider this plan carefully due to its inherent risk. Allocation to the High-Risk Plan is limited to a third of the total capital, and it’s contingent upon an equal or greater investment in both the Low and Medium-Risk Plans, ensuring a diversified risk distribution.


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Disclaimer: Some text on this website is purely for marketing communication. Nothing published by Quanloop constitutes an investment recommendation, nor should any data or content published by Quanloop be relied upon for any investment activities. Quanloop strongly recommends that you perform your own independent research or speak with a qualified investment professional before making any financial decision.