What is the story behind Quanloop?

Quanloop is an investment fund dedicated to wholesale funding. We attract capital from investors like you and lend it through our partners – leasing and factoring companies, and even crowdfunding platforms.

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Driven by automation, Quanloop is suitable for investors with short-term strategies. We apply a unique business model by sourcing money for only 24 hours and splitting the capital in need into a myriad of tiny credit agreements, each valued at €1.

We accept investors from the whole world, while our functional currency today is the euro.

The author of Quanloop idea is Estonian fund manager Valentin Ivanov. "The solution of continuous capital sourcing for the only 24h is what investors were asking for. Liquidity, stability and control – I'm happy that our team has been able to solve this riddle full of algorithms, math, law and technology. It is called Quanloop." – says Valentin.

Quanloop earns money from borrowing the tiny amounts from individual investors, then merging and lending it further at a higher interest rate.

We source new capital every day, so taking the borrowing risk by ourselves. We put even more of our skin in the game by offering an underwriting reserve to each loan we finance. We allocate this money to our bank account for investors willing to exit early while no new investors would join by that time. The liquidity delay for investors who won't be covered by this reserve will earn an extra 2% on top of what they make from financing the loan otherwise.

Last update: 01/04/2020