TOTAL CAPITAL €14,423,412
PORTFOLIO €14,396,775
CAPITAL IN NEED €14,841,875
AVERAGE RATE 14.2% p.a.

What are the risks to investors?

Quanloop investor is covered. However, even though investors should keep in mind that all the money they invest always carries a risk of loss.

We limit our investors from placing all their money under the high-risk plan, but a maximum of one-third of it. Also, we don't let to invest all their money under the medium-risk plan, but only half of it. Placing all of their capital or less under the low-risk plan is in the opposite, allowed. We help our investors to diversify their portfolio and massively reduce the risk of losing all their money at once.

Quanloop is the investment firm registered in Estonia (EU). The assets of the firm are not insured. However, your money is guaranteed by the total assets of the fund, first - by the loan you have financed and second - by the other investments and rights Quanloop has. It's essential to keep in mind that you or your company lend money to Quanloop and we owe this money to you.

Quanloop is not a p2p nor a crowdfunding platform, which would just introduce you to a borrower, but is the borrower by itself - that means you're much more secure. We do our best to invest the money you lend to us responsively. However, we strongly advise you not to lend to us from your family budget, which you would use to pay your regular spends and other expenses, nor from your company working capital that may be needed back instantly. Although we keep a reserve to support the liquidity of our fund, we may temporarily lack sufficient funds to support your withdrawals on the same day.

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