TOTAL CAPITAL €16,333,179
PORTFOLIO €16,322,375
CAPITAL IN NEED €17,672,975
AVERAGE RATE 14.3% p.a.

Is Quanloop a crowdfunding platform or an investment fund?

Practically speaking, Quanloop may seem like a crowdfunding platform, though acting as an investment fund.

Quanloop pools tiny capital amounts from a large number of investors to finance its partners. The partners seek wholesale funding to earn from consumer-oriented loans or other business projects, which in reverse secure the primary short-term loans originated by Quanloop.

Taking the above said as the basis, Quanloop is an investment fund committed to issuing commercial debt and lending capital further at a higher rate – so making a profit on the rate spread.

Unlike crowdfunding and peer-2-peer lending platforms, Quanloop is the sole borrower, offering all its assets as collateral.

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