TOTAL CAPITAL €16,472,836
PORTFOLIO €15,360,375
CAPITAL IN NEED €17,672,975
AVERAGE RATE 13.6% p.a.

Quanloop inflation recovery program

We cash back the inflation loss on each euro you invest with us. LOW-RISK YIELD MEDIUM-RISK YIELD HIGH-RISK YIELD 14% +0.25% CASHBACK
Inflation in the euro area in August 2023:
Inflation in the euro area over one year:
We source CPI information from Eurostat and update it once a month. The figures for September 2023 will be available by the 25th of October, 2023, and the cashback for September will be paid on the 1st of October, 2023. See the T&C for more details and limitations.
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If you would have kept your money in Quanloop, you could save the most of its value. So you would get {EARN} as inflation recovery cashback – that is {EARN_PCT} p.a. – and reduce your inflation impact.
Data source: Eurostat

How it works

  1. Sign up for Quanloop
    First, register and verify your free account. The operation is quite simple, just type in your e-mail address, check your mailbox and click on the magic link inside. Log in and add some information about yourself (pre-qualification is done automatically).
  2. Add your company (skip if not necessary)
    If you wish to operate on behalf of your company, adding one is very simple. Just send us an e-mail with your company name and fresh registry printout. We’ll add your company to your Quanloop account and send a confirmation shortly.
  3. Top-up your Quanloop balance
    Once you transfer money from your bank account to Quanloop clients’ account, it will be automatically safe from inflation. No matter how your portfolio is set up, we will cash back any inflation loss you bear, even when your money does not work. See the T&C for more details and limitations.
  4. Cashback is paid out automatically every first calendar day of the following month
    To avoid possible hyperinflation impact on the Quanloop business model, we decided to limit the threshold of the inflation recovery cashback to 3% p.a. instead of the original CPI. See the T&C for more details and limitations.
  5. We transfer income tax on your cashback for you whether possible
    As a foreign investor, you will receive a gross amount of money and report the income tax in the country of your tax residence yourself. If you are an Estonian investor, we will withhold the income tax from the cashback amount and transfer you a net Inflation Recovery cashback.
  6. You choose where to transfer your cashback
    We pay Inflation Recovery cashback to your Quanloop account first. Next, you can choose to withdraw your cashback to your bank account.
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  1. Does it mean that I can keep my money in Quanloop and it will be saved from inflation automatically?
    Once your money reaches Quanloop and is added to your balance, it will be saved from inflation automatically. Saving from inflation is not related to your investment portfolio - so even though your money would not participate in some riskier loans financing, it will still earn cashback from the inflation loss compensation programme. See the T&C for more details and limitations.
  2. Should I set up my portfolio to save from inflation?
    Your portfolio is already preconfigured when you sign up to Quanloop. The default preset of your portfolio targets an annual profit of 6.5% by investing all your money to finance low-risk loans. However, the inflation loss compensation is not related to your portfolio and is not a part of it. It is a unique addon to your current interest revenue, which is brought to cover your money from inflation. See the T&C for more details and limitations.
  3. How does Quanloop guarantee my money?
    Quanloop is structured as a marketplace platform and an alternative investment fund, both registered and operating in Estonia (EU). The assets of Quanloop are not insured. However, your money is guaranteed by the fund's total assets, first - by the loan you have financed and second - by the other loans and rights Quanloop holds. It's necessary to remember that you or your company lend money to Quanloop, and we owe this money to you. Quanloop is not a classic P2P platform, which would introduce you to a borrower, but it is a borrower itself - that means you're much more assured. Even though we do our best to invest the money you lend to us responsively, we strongly advise you not to lend us from your family budget, which you would use to pay your regular costs and other expenses, nor from your company working capital that it may require back urgently.
  4. How much money may I keep in Quanloop?
    Originally, every investor is limited to € 15,000. However, you can lift that limit by contacting us and passing the additional KYC process. Read more about that here.
  5. How quickly can I withdraw my money from Quanloop?
    The money withdrawal works as follows: you request to withdraw your money and we check if and how much money is not currently being lent - that money will be transferred to your bank account right away. The money lent to Quanloop will be released on the following day and transferred back to your bank account then. Sometimes, we may lack liquid resources and will transfer money later - every extra waiting day will add 2% to your annual interest rate that you have invested your money at.

Quanloop inflation recovery program terms

Acceptance of Terms: By opening an account in Quanloop and adding money to the Quanloop clients’ account, you agree to be bound by these Quanloop inflation recovery program terms (“Cashback terms”), the Loan Agreement, the General Terms & Conditions of Quanloop and the Quanloop Privacy Notice. In the event of a conflict between these Cashback Terms and the Loan Agreement and/or the General Terms & Conditions of Quanloop, these Cashback Terms will prevail. Quanloop may update Cashback Terms at any time without notice to you.

Cashback: A “Cashback” is where Quanloop offers to make a cash payment to you, calculated based on the capital you kept in Quanloop for investments during the previous month. The cash amount payable may be indicated as a percentage, fraction, or cash value. Where a Cashback is offered to you, Quanloop will pay you a Cashback following the percentage, fraction, or cash value indicated to you, provided you comply with these Cashback terms.

Exclusions: You are not eligible to receive a Cashback if you did not keep any capital in Quanloop for investment purposes during the previous month.

Calculation formula: Quanloop compensates the difference in the value of the money kept on its clients account for investment purposes as well as been already invested during the previous month due to inflation; such value is calculated according to the last months CPI for each separate day the investor did not withdraw the money from their account. The Cashback paid by Quanloop is limited by 3% per annum.

The payout date: Quanloop makes a cash payment on the first calendar day of the following month.

Refusal to make payment: Even if you are otherwise eligible to receive a Cashback, Quanloop has the right to refuse to make the payment if any of the grounds stated in the Loan Agreement section 15.2 arise. Regardless of the grounds for a refusal to make the payment, Quanloop shall not be obligated to pay extra interest or any other monetary penalty for the refusal to make payment.

Terminated accounts: if you, during the following 12 months upon receiving your Cashback, do any of the following (a-b), you must return the Cashback in full to Quanloop. This clause applies where you: (a) terminate your account in Quanloop and ask to delete your data, including the case when such a claim comes from a public authority on your behalf; (b) revoke the right of Quanloop to borrow money from you according to the General Terms and Conditions and the Loan Agreement. In case you are obliged to return the Cashback in full to Quanloop due to any of the grounds mentioned above, Quanloop has the right to set off its corresponding claim against you using the money you have invested in your Quanloop account.

Liability: To the fullest extent permitted by law, Quanloop shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever suffered by you in respect of the subject matter of these Terms (including but not limited to any direct, indirect, consequential, special, punitive or incidental loss or damages) and Quanloop’s liability to you will in all circumstances be limited to the value of the Cashback. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in these Terms is intended to modify or negate an investor’s rights under the Law of the Republic of Estonia.

Effective since: 10.03.2022

Disclaimer: Some text on this website is purely for marketing communication. Nothing published by Quanloop constitutes an investment recommendation, nor should any data or content published by Quanloop be relied upon for any investment activities. Quanloop strongly recommends that you perform your own independent research and/or speak with a qualified investment professional before making any financial decision.